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In the modern business world, the significance of an exceptional customer experience cannot be overstated. It has become a critical differentiator for businesses vying for attention in a saturated marketplace. The delivery of superior customer service requires realtime, actionable insights across the entire customer journey, allowing Contact Center leaders to innovate and optimize operations continuously.

Joulica: Actionable Insights for Contact Center Leaders

Our solution empowers contact center leaders with valuable insights across the full Amazon Connect solution. Joulica comes equipped with features such as Realtime and Historical Dashboards, Amazon Lex, Contact Lens and Cases Analytics, offering a comprehensive suite of capabilities that enhance customer experience and streamline contact center operations.

In a world where customers interact through multiple channels, Joulica's Customer Experience analytics optimizes business outcomes and drives operational efficiency.

Overcoming the Challenges Faced by Contact Center Leaders

Contact center leaders often grapple with issues such as:

  • Siloed Data and Disparate Systems: It's a struggle to paint a complete picture due to isolated data and disconnected systems. This complicates understanding customer behaviors, spotting trends, and making informed decisions.
  • Limited Reporting Capabilities: Traditional reporting tools can be complex, hindering contact center managers' access to vital data, delaying issue identification and response to customer needs.
  • Incomplete Customer Journey View: With customer interactions scattered across various channels, a holistic view of the customer journey is often missing. This results in lost opportunities to enhance the customer experience and address issues.
  • Legacy Migration Complexity: Transitioning from a legacy environment to a cloud contact center solution can be daunting due to the changes in core data models and reporting frameworks.

Harnessing Amazon Lex and Contact Lens Analytics

Joulica's analytics for Amazon Lex provides the insights necessary to boost automation levels while maintaining high customer satisfaction. These analytics spans all channels, even when Amazon Connect is integrated with social and digital channels like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

With Contact Lens, Joulica offers call driver and sentiment analytics and agent quality metrics. These insights allow organizations to improve both the customer and agent experience.

Customer Journey Analytics

Joulica's customer journey analytics taps into customer interaction data across all touchpoints. By bridging web and mobile channels with the contact center, we provide the necessary insights to understand why customers engage with the contact center following a website interaction and how these journeys correlate with business outcomes.

Realtime and Historical KPIs: Your Control Center

Joulica's Realtime and Historical reports span the entire Amazon Connect solution, offering managers the key performance indicators (KPIs) they need. Joulica even supports Quicksight visualizations for a fully unified view of real-time and historical analytics, allowing customization to individual needs.

Conclusion: The Joulica Advantage

Joulica equips Contact Center leaders with the insights necessary to enhance customer experiences and boost internal efficiencies. We break down data siloes and analyze the full customer journey, unifying analytics from Conversational AI services and agent conversations to offer a 360-degree view. As organizations migrate onto Amazon Connect, Joulica provides the essential data and reports to ensure a successful migration.

To learn more about how Joulica can transform your customer experience, contact us at or visit to arrange a demo.

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