Joulica helps government and state agencies to deliver on digital transformation initiatives and deliver efficient and superior customer experiences across all touchpoints.

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Customer service and customer experience analytics ensure digital engagement is efficient and that services are trusted by citizens across all channels. Self-service can be optimised whilst always ensuring that contextual human assistance is made available when needed.

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Increase operational efficiency


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Drive digital first and self service strategies


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Increase trust and customer satisfaction


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Optimise knowledge repositories

Increase Operational Efficiency

Maintaining a relentless focus on operational efficiency is key for all government departments and agencies. This is true at all stages of digital maturity. It improves the service levels provided to citizens, improves interactions and ultimately elevates the customer experience. Despite this, data remains locked within organisational and application silos blocking strategies that attempt to unify metrics and standardise service key performance indicators. 

Joulica helps government departments and agencies by working across these siloed data sources and establishing omnichannel analytical KPIs that can be used to drive operational efficiencies across all communication channels.  This includes unifying web and contact center data to drive increased levels of digital engagement and also allowing agents to provide contextual assistance to citizens when needed. 

Increase Trust and Customer Satisfaction

Trust is critical to the success of a huge number of public policies and the systematic measurement of societal trust is a key policy objective of intergovernmental organisations. Understanding the perception and satisfaction of citizens with the digital and non-digital services they consume is critical to optimizing these services and ensuring that services are consistent on all channels and citizens receive contextualised experiences across them.

Joulica customer journey analytics works across all forms of communications, including digital and non-digital. Survey data, speech and text analytics is used to decorate interaction data to surface digital services which are performing poorly and where citizens demonstrate low satisfaction. Digital services which are still driving high levels of human interaction are detected and automated services which are poorly perceived can be optimised in real-time.

Drive Digital First and Self-service Strategies

Governments are prioritising the transformation, digitisation and modernisation of existing citizen services across all public services. This must be done in a manner that delivers new digital services to citizens and improved efficiencies for all stakeholders while at the same time increasing trust and satisfaction. Detailed analytics across all channels, including traditional ones, is key to ensuring success, but as with Enterprises, government departments face the challenges posed by silos, lack of standardisation and inconsistent metrics.

Joulica analytics solves these challenges by providing a standardised set of customer experience analytics that can be used to measure the effectiveness of digital and automated services as well the full customer journey where customers engage over a myriad of interaction methods. Real Time speech and text analytics as well as survey data measure customer satisfaction and sentiment directly and can be correlated with detailed customer journey data. Predictive analytics provide insights on which services need investment and which customer journeys are performing well.

Optimise Knowledge Repositories

Benefits of Optimising knowledge repositories include document management that will help governments centralize and access repositories of company knowledge. This cuts document searches down to seconds and saves time overall. 


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