The automotive sector is undergoing profound changes related to technological advances, the emergence of new automotive products, and changing business models. Moving to a data driven organisation is key.

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Joulica data analytics allow strategic KPIs such as customer retention to be optimised through the analysis of customer profile, customer interaction data and financial models. This drives personalised offers and AI-driven next best actions.
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Provide  differentiated and connected experiences



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Increase customer loyalty and retention


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Optimise digital customer journeys


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Generate dynamic and personalised offers and campaigns.

Provide Differentiated and Connected Experiences

To lead and succeed in today’s highly dynamic market requires manufacturers to deliver differentiated and connected experiences across the full customer journey. This must be based on data that is accessible, timely, analyzable, and actionable. Pro-active servicing and personalised offers must be based on analytics that are derived from data that is harvested from their organisation silos and joined with streaming data sources to produce real time insights. 

Joulica helps automotive manufacturers unlock new possibilities from their traditional data  sources as well as new connected car architectures to deliver actionable, customized intelligence throughout the organization and drive new use cases that create a more engaging customer experience, increase traction of digital capabilities and drive new services and business models.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention

A data driven approach to increasing customer retention and loyalty has never been more important in the automotive industry. Highly dynamic market conditions, new business models and customer purchasing behaviour are all accelerating the need to maintain the loyalty of existing customers. Data across sales, service, marketing and retailers needs to be unlocked from functional silos to develop a 360 degree understanding of the customer and unlock value from every customer interaction.

Joulica Customer Experience Analytics helps automotive manufacturers to understand the full customer journey by analysing data across traditional and digital interaction channels and merging with customer profile data to deliver predictive analytics that can be integrated with sales, marketing and servicing operations. This allows the right recommendation to be made to the customer at the right time and always ensures that customer service teams deliver personalised and exceptional customer care.

Optimise Digital Customer Journeys

Global automotive leaders all strive to deliver a best-in-class digital customer experience across the full customer journey. This includes personalised communications, reliable and efficient servicing, always-on support, relevant social-media engagement and car purchase. Harnessing actionable data insights and the utilisation of AI are becoming dominating forces in driving digital-first customer-centered experiences.

Joulica helps its clients attain high levels of capability effectiveness in advancing their analytics capabilities to include more predictive and prescriptive usage of analytics in key areas such as customer insight, faster and better decision making, process and cost improvements and streamlined operations.

Generate Dynamic and Personalised Campaigns

The ability to garner insights and context from all customer data and interactions is critical in delivering the best offer to a customer and maximising the performance of marketing campaigns. With automotive manufacturers and retailers increasing investments in digital, this must be accompanied by a focus on ensuring that every digital interaction benefits from AI based insights derived from the full customer journey and every customer conversation.

Joulica helps its client harness data from the Web, Mobile and Contact Center to generate real time and predictive analytics broken down by segment, car specification, location and demographic. Customer feedback from surveys as well as speech and text analytics all contribute to precise customer analytics that can be used to deliver the best contextualised offers and marketing campaigns.


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