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As FinTech's exponentially grow users and market share, banks and financial services need actionable customer insights, accelerated product innovation cycles and disruptive business models to delight customers.

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Joulica data analytics identify where to drive workplace efficiency, and create a balance between self-service and customer expectations.

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Break Down Data Silos and Unlock Actionable Insights. 

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Optimise Digital First and Cross-channel Journeys.

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Drive Efficiencies When Agents Need Help.

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Balance Self-Service and Customer Expectations.

Break Down Data Silos 

To thrive in today’s hyper-competitive environment requires data that is accessible, timely, analyzable, and actionable. Despite their strategic embrace of big data and machine learning, for many the data remains locked down in organizational silos and legacy systems, impeded by people and processes or slowed by inefficient infrastructure. Most financial services companies still experience significant challenges around data types, privacy, and scale.

Joulica helps financial services institutions unlock new possibilities from their existing data to deliver actionable, customized intelligence throughout the organization and drive new use cases that create a more engaging customer experience, increase traction of digital capabilities and drive continued growth in valuable primary bank relationships.

Optimise Digital First and Cross-channel Journeys

Firms who lead the charge in digital-first access have greater than 70% of their consumer bank customers digitally active. To acquire, deepen and retain customer relationships, banks must be a good financial partner and consistently deliver compelling value propositions. Data and AI have become democratizing forces in financial services that drive holistic engagement through omni-channel, customer-centered experiences.

Joulica helps its clients attain high levels of capability effectiveness in advancing their analytics capabilities to include more predictive and prescriptive usage of analytics in key areas such as digital-first strategies, omnichannel customer experience, faster and better decision making, process and cost improvements and streamlined operations.

Drive Efficiencies when Agents Need Help

When human-powered customer care is needed, the core objective remains consistent: Getting contacts to the right place at the right time and empowering the agent with insights to solve the customer's problem quickly and efficiently. Achieving this consistently in large high-volume multi-vendor omnichannel customer care organisations remains a challenge at-scale for most Financial Service Institutions.

Joulica analytics allow you to see what’s going on in the business in real-time, or per hour, day, week, and month. We enable a data-driven decision-making path to help increase the number of quality customer conversations, in combination with higher levels of service delivered at proportionally lower cost. Aggregated analytics and context across all interaction channels enable agents with higher productivity and intelligent next best actions.

Balance Self-Service and Customer Expectations

Getting to the right balance of omni-channel self-service and live care from an informed specialist requires meeting at the intersection of the organization’s mission and customers’ needs. Customer loyalty being the driver, firms can then optimize cost-to-serve when they have gained deep understanding of why customers opt for or are necessitated to require contact center assistance.

Joulica Customer Experience Optimization helps organizations mine rich feedback that customers provide on products, brand, services and fulfillment experiences to achieve consistent customer experiences across its digital and voice channels and to help ensure that the contact center achieves its full potential in creating value on three distinct levels: efficiency, customer satisfaction and business unit value.


Financial Services Use Case

Customers now bank over the web, mobile, Phone and Branch. Increasingly Virtual assistants, Alexa and emerging channels are being used to engage customers. In the case here, a large Financial Services provider has multiple lines of business ranging from Commercial banking to retail services such as mortgages and credit cards.

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