Joulica enables Telecommunications providers to exceed their customers needs in a digital future where data analytics are harnessed to elevate the customer experience across all communications channels.

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The Joulica platform works with existing Contact Center, CRM and Enterprise applications to deliver rich realtime and predictive analytics across digital, voice, automated and assisted services. These analytics are used to optimise workflows, refine customer journeys and provide rich visual insights.

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Accelerate Digital Innovation with Rich Customer Insights

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Optimise Customer Self-service on All Channels

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Drive Efficiencies When Agents Need Help

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Understand Customers Needs and Increase Loyalty

Accelerate Digital Innovation with Rich Customer Insights

Telcos are rapidly expanding their service portfolios to offer new digital services that offer strong revenue growth potential. To succeed in this new economy, success depends on how well they use data to delight customers and deliver superior experiences. Detailed analytics across all channels, including traditional ones, is key to ensuring success, but as with most Enterprises, Telcos face the challenges posed by silos, lack of standardisation and inconsistent metrics.

Joulica analytics solves these challenges by providing a standardised set of customer experience analytics that can be used to measure the effectiveness of digital and automated services as well the full customer journey where customers engage over a myriad of interaction methods. Real Time speech and text analytics as well as survey data measure customer satisfaction and sentiment directly and can be correlated with detailed customer journey data. Predictive analytics provide insights on which services need investment and which customer journeys are performing well.

Optimise Customer Self-service on All Channels

As Telcos continue to focus on differentiated digital services with high levels of automation, it has never been more important to measure and optimise the performance of these services. With most Telcos operating complex multi-vendor environments for their omnichannel customer service operations, they continue to face systemic issues in understanding the customers perception of these services.

Joulica helps by delivering a consistent set of metrics for all self-service channels including voice and digital. Intent-based analytics provide detailed insights into why customers are engaging, with containment analytics showing where customer service representatives need to assist. Cross-channel analytics show where customers need to move outside of digital channels with NPS and sentiment analytics providing CX measurements at the channel and journey level.

Drive Efficiencies when Agents Need to Help

When human-powered customer care is needed, the core objective remains consistent: Getting contacts to the right place at the right time and empowering the agent with insights to solve the customer's problem quickly and efficiently.  Achieving this consistently in large high-volume multi-vendor omnichannel customer care organisations remains a challenge for most Telcos.

Joulica analytics allow you to see what’s going on in the business in real-time, or per hour, day, week, and month. We enable a data-driven decision-making path to help increase the number of quality customer conversations, in combination with higher levels of service delivered at proportionally lower cost. Aggregated analytics and context across all interaction channels enable agents with higher productivity and intelligent next best actions.

Understand Customers Needs and Increase Loyalty

A data driven approach to increasing customer retention and loyalty has never been more important in the Telecommunications industry. Current market conditions have reinforced the need to maintain the loyalty of existing customers. Data across sales, service and marketing organisations needs to be unlocked from functional silos to develop a 360 degree understanding of the customer and unlock value from every customer interaction.

Joulica Customer Experience Analytics helps Telcos to understand the full customer journey by analysing data across traditional and digital interaction channels and merging with customer profile data to deliver predictive analytics that can be integrated with sales, marketing and servicing operations. This allows the right recommendation to be made to the customer at the right time and always ensures that customer service teams deliver personalised and exceptional customer care.


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