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Joulica is an AWS-based real time and historical reporting solution for Salesforce Service Cloud. In addition to Service Cloud Voice, we provide real-time analytics across other Salesforce customer interaction channels, including email and chat.

Real-Time and Historical Analytics

Joulica's analytics cover all the key areas that Contact Center Leaders rely on to manage a modern Omnichannel Contact Center, with business and technical users being able to design and share their own dashboards. The platform covers the following areas. 

  • Queue Performance
  • Agent Performance
  • Amazon Lex and IVR Performance
  • Speech Analytics

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Queue and Routing Performance

Salesforce unifies the routing of all customer interaction channels, allowing routing decisions to be driven by customer and other contextual data. For Contact Center leaders, it is critical that real time visibility is provided into the queuing and routing process, across all channels and queues. Joulica provides the key metrics that leaders need as standard, as well as allowing for customised metrics – e.g., when migrating from a legacy CC solution that provided a certain service level metric which the business wish to continue using.

Insights into Agent Performance

Realtime Agent performance metrics are provided for each channel. Integrated speech analytics include call driver, sentiment, and agent adherence insights. For example, an agent might need coaching when handling Service Cancellation requests, as evidenced by longer than expected average handling times, lower customer satisfaction scores or even low customer sentiment. Joulica allows supervisors to drill down from performance reports into individual interactions, allowing the transcript to be viewed and in the case of voice calls, the recording to be accessed.

Customer Self-Service Insights

With Conversational AI applications powered by Lex or more conventional IVR applications, it is critical that organizations understand where customers are struggling or where efficiency improvements can be made (e.g., low levels of automation or high levels of agent transfers). Joulica provides analytics broken down by channel, bots and intents, amongst others, providing the insights needed to ensure self-service applications are operating optimally.

If you are looking for a way to optimise your Salesforce Service Cloud implementation with real time analytics, contact us at or visit to arrange a demo.

September 14, 2023 Salesforce

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