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Contact Lens for Amazon Connect provides ML-powered automated call categorisation and sentiment analysis, amongst a whole raft of other powerful speech analytics features. As part of our integration with Amazon Connect, we integrate Contact Lens data streams with the rest of Connect's data. This allows us to fully unify the insights provided by Lens with the rest of the Contact Center data sets, as well as provide Lens-specific capabilities. This post focuses on one of the Lens-specific capabilities: Compliance.


Categories can be defined in Contact Lens that are related to regulatory requirements and corporate standards. In the example below, we show a Quicksight report that provides compliance analytics for each team and agent, across several reporting intervals. Compliance is shown as percentage adherence to a rollup of categories such as greeting the customer, disclosing mandatory information, offering to help, and closing the call correctly. In the example below, the single % Adherence column represents the overall compliance across all these areas. Adherence to individual areas (e.g., is the Agent consistently greeting the customer correctly?) can of course be shown also. Compliance KPIs can be displayed alongside standard performance metrics such as AHT. The screenshot below shows data for an example team, Team One, in the Agent Hierarchy.

Quicksight Screenshot

The data model produced by the Joulica platform allows a drill down from the above report to the individual calls for a particular agent during a specific interval. This is shown below where the supervisor can review the Calls taken by Agent Sean in one of the intervals where compliance was low, directly from the Quicksight report.

Quicksight Drilldown GIF Medium

As can be seen, the reporting user can drill down directly to a level where the call recording can be reviewed, along with both the transcript and sentiment analysis produced by Contact Lens.

In addition to the above analytics, real-time KPIs are provided, an example of which is shown below. This shows the critical four KPIs (Compliance, AHT, CSAT and Customer Sentiment) for each of the four teams, along with a detailed breakdown for each member of the team. User-defined thresholds provide real-time alerts when KPIs fall below thresholds, allowing supervisors to take action.

thumbnail_image002 - Dashboard

We satisfy many more use cases with our Contact Lens integration, including sentiment analytics and call driver analysis. Some of these are detailed here: Contact Lens Realtime and Historical Analytics. Future Blog articles will delve into further detail on these.


Compliance is a critical element of customer service operations in most industries. This article has shown how Contact Lens and Joulica automate compliance management for contact center managers and executives, allowing key insights to be surfaced and actioned from both a real-time and historical perspective. 

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