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There is no doubt that in the fast-paced world of outbound contact centers, success hinges on data. You need real-time insights into your campaigns – not just whether calls are connecting, but whether they are achieving your desired business outcomes. That's where Joulica's comprehensive reporting and analytics solutions for Amazon Connect Outbound Campaigns come into play.

The Challenge of Outbound Campaign Management

Outbound campaigns differ significantly from inbound customer service operations. While both deal with the mechanics of customer interactions, outbound campaigns have unique success measures:

  • Campaign goals: Did the campaign result in the desired sales, appointments, or other objectives?
  • Efficiency: How many calls connected? How quickly? Were there issues like high answering machine rates hindering your agents?
  • Agent effectiveness: Are your agents conveying information clearly and hitting targets defined for the campaign?
  • Customer experience: Even in outbound calls, factors like sentiment and call duration inform if your approach is working with customers. 

Joulica takes the hard work out of processing the raw underlying data from Amazon Connect, merging in data from external data sources, and delivering comprehensive real time and historical dashboards.

Joulica's Solution: Data-Driven Campaign Insights

Joulica's Outbound Campaign Reporting and Analytics Package provides the in-depth metrics and tools you need to optimize your Amazon Connect outbound operations. Let's break down the key features:

1. Campaign Performance Metrics

  • Critical KPIs: Track call completion rates for each campaign, giving you a clear view of how effectively you're reaching your target audience.
  • Campaign Outcomes: Go beyond call connection data. Track detailed sales results, appointment bookings, or other business conversions tied directly to your campaigns. 
  • Real-time and Historical Visibility: Joulica offers live dashboards alongside long-term trend analysis. Spot potential problems quickly and make adjustments to enhance performance on the fly.


2. Agent Performance Analysis

  • Integrated Agent Metrics: See a complete picture of agent success within the context of outbound goals. Utilise detailed payroll-oriented reports, analyze talk time, call disposition reasons, and outcomes of each interaction.
  • Disposition Code Support: Get granular insights on why calls ended as they did (sale, no answer, no interest). Use this data to coach agents and identify where scripts or processes could be tweaked.
  • Contact Attributes: Leverage Amazon Connect Contact Attributes to slice and dice data by demographics, previous customer interactions, or other custom tags. Did the campaign work better for a particular customer segment or location, for example?
  • Speech Analytics: Integrate AI-powered insights from Contact Lens to track campaign performance – e.g. customer objections and sentiment.

3. Unified Analytics for Your Connect Environment

  • Holistic View: Joulica doesn't just look at outbound campaigns in isolation. Integrate metrics from your IVR application, Amazon Lex chatbots and inbound queue performance. This provides a full picture of how outbound campaigns fit into the overall performance of the contact center.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Build tailored dashboards for different stakeholders – campaign managers, team leaders, or executives – ensuring everyone has the metrics that matter most to them.
  • Visualizations and Alerts: Visualize trends easily with graphs and charts. Set up custom alerts for when key metrics fall outside of desired ranges, allowing for proactive intervention.

Why Joulica for Outbound Campaign Reporting?

Besides these core features, Joulica has the following benefits:

  • Amazon Connect Expertise: The solution is designed specifically for Amazon Connect, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Global Availability: Accessible through AWS Marketplace in all regions with Amazon Connect support.
  • Data Sharing and Security: Balance data visibility with the need for security with robust controls over access to sensitive data.
  • Flexibility: Joulica can integrate with external systems, allowing for even more customization.

Transforming Your Outbound Contact Center

Joulica's rich reporting empowers you to manage outbound campaigns effectively, maximizing their impact. By enabling you to track campaign outcomes, agent performance, and overall customer experience tied to your outbound efforts, Joulica gives you the insights necessary to:

  • Optimize campaigns in real-time: Identify issues hindering success and course-correct swiftly to maximize results.
  • Drive agent improvement: Target coaching based on data, not assumptions, leading to more effective agent interactions.
  • Refine targeting: Discover where your outbound efforts are most successful based on demographics, prior interactions, or other attributes.
  • Deliver a positive customer experience: Even in an outbound context, use sentiment analysis and call outcome data to protect your brand reputation.

The Bottom Line

Joulica's specialized reporting provides the essential toolkit for Amazon Connect outbound campaigns. By turning raw data into actionable insights, you'll gain the competitive edge needed to hit your goals and deliver a superior customer experience across all touchpoints.

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