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Are you harnessing the full potential of Amazon Connect? Imagine having a comprehensive toolkit that not only streamlines your contact center operations but also provides rich insights to optimize customer journeys and drive business growth. Let's dive into the world of reporting and analytics designed to elevate your Amazon Connect experience.

Elevate Customer Experiences with Granular Insights

Customer satisfaction is paramount in today's competitive landscape. Whether you're experimenting with cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI with Amazon Lex or analyzing traditional contact flows, our analytics platform equips you with the tools to measure and enhance customer interactions.

A/B Testing and Sentiment Analysis: Easily conduct A/B tests with Amazon Lex and gain valuable insights into how different customer segments respond to your AI-powered interactions. 

Gen AI Tests

Real-time and historical analytics, including containment rates and customer sentiment for each Lex intent, empower you to fine-tune your conversational AI strategy.

Lex Sentiment and Success

Contact Lens Integration: Understand the call drivers behind high levels of transfers and repeat callers by integrating data from Contact Lens. Identify and address pain points in customer conversations to improve overall satisfaction and streamline operations.

Categories Sentiment

Salesforce and ServiceNow Integration: Our integration with Salesforce allows you to access unified real-time analytics across Salesforce email and chat channels alongside Amazon Connect. ServiceNow KPIs can also be integrated, with end users benefiting from a real-time single pane of glass.

Salesforce SNOW

Survey Analytics: Gather feedback from both customers and agents to gain a holistic view of the customer and agent experience. Actionable insights from surveys enable you to make immediate improvements and create a more positive experience for everyone involved.


Drive Business Growth with Comprehensive KPIs

Beyond operational metrics, our platform seamlessly integrates with your business data to provide a complete picture of your contact center's impact on revenue generation and customer retention.

Business KPIs: Track revenue, cost per contact, customer retention, and other critical metrics that directly impact your bottom line. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your contact center's performance and drive business growth.

Pinpoint Campaigns: Track the performance of your omnichannel outbound campaigns and integrate the critical KPIs seamlessly with your overall view of the customer experience. 

FCR Pinpoint

Operational Metrics: Monitor essential operational metrics like First Contact Resolution and transfer rates to identify areas for improvement. Drill down into the underlying causes of high transfer rates and repeat callers to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.


Integrate, Orchestrate, and Optimize Customer Journeys

Our Customer Journey feature takes customer interaction analysis to the next level. By weaving together data from Amazon Connect, Salesforce, web applications, and more, we create a seamless view of each customer's journey.

Predictive Scoring and Orchestration: Leverage predictive scoring to anticipate customer needs and orchestrate personalized experiences. Guide customers through optimal journeys that lead to higher satisfaction, increased conversions, and improved retention.

Customer Experience Widget

Journey Optimization: Gain a bird's eye view of which customer journeys are most effective and which ones require improvement. Identify pain points and opportunities for optimization to create exceptional customer experiences.

Customer Journey

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Contact Center

We invite you to explore the full capabilities of our reporting and analytics platform. Contact us today to schedule a demo and discover how you can unlock the full potential of Amazon Connect.

June 20, 2024 AWS

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