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One of the more frequent customer requests we receive for our Amazon Connect solution is related to analysing agent performance against scheduled activities. A solution such as Verint or Calabrio or even the newly announced Amazon Connect Forecasting and Scheduling feature is typically used to produce an agent schedule. Contact center supervisors and managers need to assess their team’s adherence to this schedule and the corresponding effect on service level performance. At Joulica, we can ingest agent schedule data and display adherence analytics both in real-time and historically. 

In this blog, we will introduce these schedule adherence capabilities. Our main focus is to augment realtime agent and queue analytics with insights related to the scheduling information – answering questions such as:

  1. Are individual agents working as per scheduled activities?

  2. At the queue level, how much time was spent out of adherence today?

  3. How many agents are out of adherence for each queue?

  4. How long has each agent been out of adherence today and over the past week?

Agent Performance

The example below shows one of our standard agent realtime dashboards. We have included some additional columns: - Scheduled and Adherence which show the scheduled state for the agent, their adherence to the scheduled activity and the time in or out of adherence respectively.  In addition, the billboards to the right of the table show some high-level metrics related to cumulative non-adherence in the current 30-min and 24-hour intervals. This combination of both real-time updates and intra-day information allows contact center leaders to manage their teams with the benefit of having live up-to-date information.

Interval data is published automatically by the Joulica platform to Amazon RDS, allowing historical reports to be easily produced using Amazon Quicksight and other BI tools.

Queue Performance

In addition to reporting at the agent level, it is also important to see the effect of schedule adherence at the queue level. The example real-time dashboard below combines queue performance metrics with cumulative non-adherence information (here we have shown just the total time today that agents staffing each queue have been out of adherence, but other metrics are available). Supervisors and managers can easily navigate from realtime queue dashboards to agent performance metrics if anomalies are flagged.

If the requirement is to analyse agent performance independent of scheduled activities, the dashboard shown below can be very useful. The Joulica platform aggregates state data for each agent during the day and makes it available for realtime analysis and historical reporting. This dashboard shows the cumulative amount of time that agents have spent in each state during the day. Quicksight allows daily, weekly and custom reporting intervals to be easily analysed using the analytics provided by Joulica.


This article summarised some useful capabilities that Joulica provides in relation to schedule adherence, particularly our ability to unify adherence data with other key Contact Center performance metrics. Watch this space for information on our integration with exciting new Scheduling and Forecasting capabilities from Amazon Connect. To find out more, get in touch by email at or contact us via and we can arrange a demo.

April 20, 2022 AWS

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