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We are happy to introduce our reporting and analytics solution for the innovative Amazon Connect cloud contact center solution. The Joulica platform extends the value of Amazon Connect in the areas of Enterprise-grade realtime and historical reporting, conversational analytics, and customer journey. This is the first of a series of articles where we introduce these capabilities and common use cases.

Solution Overview

The Joulica platform is a scalable, cloud-native solution that ingest realtime data feeds from the Amazon Connect solution to produce realtime analytics with low latencies. In addition to realtime features, historical reporting data is published to Amazon Redshift which allows Amazon Quicksight to be used for rich business intelligence features.

Common use cases we solve include: -

  • Rich graphical realtime dashboards where supervisors and business users can create and share dashboards.
  • Realtime data authorisation for deployments where it is critical to control data access to realtime data, e.g., at the queue, agent or team level.
  • Contact Center migrations where legacy reporting data models or other features need to be preserved following the adoption of Amazon Connect.

This article explores these use cases and describes the capabilities of the Joulica platform along with the Amazon Connect solution. The next series of articles will expand on these use cases to cover use cases including Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, Customer Journey and Amazon Lex analytics.

Graphical Realtime Dashboards

Solutions such as Quicksight and Tableau have made self-service business intelligence capabilities the norm in modern enterprises. When we designed the Joulica realtime capabilities, our aim was to deliver the same level of self-service capabilities for streaming data, allowing managers and supervisors to explore, monitor and analyse data in realtime, without the need of IT support. With Amazon Connect and Joulica, supervisors and managers can

  • Choose which data sets (e.g., queues, agents, agent hierarchies amongst others) to display
  • Choose from a large variety of visualisation types
  • Layout the visualisations according to their own preferences
  • Choose from pre-defined and their own custom colour palettes
  • Share dashboards with other users


Realtime metrics are derived from the raw event feeds and APIs provided by Amazon Connect, meaning that the Joulica realtime metrics can meet demanding low latency requirements. This deep integration with Amazon Connect also allows Joulica to be very flexible when it comes to the metrics that are provided – e.g., service levels based on a 10 second queue time.

Realtime Data Authorisation

The need to secure access to realtime metrics can arise for a number of reasons. One of the most common is where multiple Business Process Outsourcers (BPO) are served by a single Amazon Connect instance, and it is important that each BPO is given secure access to only the queues, agents and teams that they are responsible for.

Realtime Data Authorisation

With Joulica, meeting this requirement is straightforward. Each supervisor or business user is granted access to individual instances of a dimension. Agent John is an example of an instance of an Agent dimension. Similarly, the Sales Queue is an example of an instance of a Queue dimension. A user who has not been granted access to the metrics associated with Sales or John can never get access to them. This also makes dashboard management efficient, e.g., where a single common dashboard is provided to 100 supervisors and data authorisation is used control which queues and agents each supervisor sees on their version of the dashboard, with no filtering or further action needed on the part of each supervisor.

Contact Center Migrations

Reporting can often be a major friction point during the migration from a legacy on-premise contact center solution. A strong dependency on metrics by supervisors, business users and API integrations means that providing the data, reports and dashboards that users and applications are accustomed to is a powerful accelerator and risk reducer. Joulica provides this at many levels. The flexibility of its metrics definition engine means that critical metrics that have become critical to the business can be available with the Amazon Connect solution. Detailed aspects such as interval attribution are also configurable providing fine-grained control over how events are processed. Users can layout reports and dashboards based on their preferences, and if the migration is planned to take place over an extended period of time, Joulica can provide a single pain of glass over the combined legacy and modern Amazon Connect contact center during the transition period.

Quicksight Business Intelligence

Amazon QuickSight, Amazon QuickSight - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services, is a scalable, serverless, embeddable, machine learning-powered business intelligence (BI) service built for the cloud. Joulica allows Amazon Connect customers to use the power of Quicksight for flexible contact center historical reporting. All Joulica interval-based metrics are automatically written to Amazon Redshift,, meaning that daily, weekly and monthly reports and dashboards can be created and shared easily within Quicksight. Business and non-technical users benefit from the powerful features of Quicksight to analyse trends and drill down for further detail. The embedded AI capabilities of Quicksight Q even allows users to ask questions of their data.

Quicksight Business Intelligence

Coming Next

This article introduces some of the core capabilities of the Joulica platform with Amazon Connect. Next up, we will detail how Joulica complements Salesforce Service Cloud, our rich Customer Journey analytics as well as how we can optimise virtual assistants built with Amazon Lex.

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