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Navigating the Omnichannel Landscape

In today's customer-centric world, where businesses compete for attention across multiple channels, contact centers are pivotal in delivering critical services as well as shaping customer perception and loyalty. However, the rise of omnichannel interactions has presented new challenges in managing a vast array of data from various communication channels. This is where Amazon Connect and Joulica provide a comprehensive and data-driven approach to omnichannel excellence. To succeed it is critical that the following metrics are continuously monitored and optimized. Of course these are in addition to standardized metrics such as queue and agent performance!

1. First Contact Resolution (FCR)

FCR, the percentage of issues resolved during the first interaction, is a crucial metric that reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of a contact center. By analyzing FCR data, businesses can identify areas where processes can be streamlined and agent training can be enhanced to reduce the need for multiple interactions.

2. Employee Experience (EX) 

Employee experience is a critical factor in improving operational performance and the overall customer experience. By tracking EX metrics such as Employee NPS and agent satisfaction, businesses can identify areas where policies, training, and work environments can be improved to enhance agent morale and productivity.

3. Customer Effort Score (CES)

CES measures the perceived effort customers experience when resolving their issues. A high CES indicates that customers had to put in significant effort, often leading to dissatisfaction. By analyzing CES data, businesses can identify areas where processes can be simplified and agents can be empowered to provide more self-service options. Often, high effort correlates with inconsistent and frustrating experiences when moving between channels.

4. Customer Sentiment Analysis

Customer sentiment analysis goes beyond traditional feedback forms by extracting insights from customer interactions, including voice and chat. This allows businesses to gain deeper insights into customer satisfaction, identify potential issues, and tailor interactions to individual preferences.

5. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) 

CSAT, one of the most traditional metrics but still widely used, measures customer satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10, providing a valuable indicator of overall customer experience. By tracking CSAT trends, businesses can identify areas where customer satisfaction is declining and take corrective actions to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Turning Data into Insights

Amazon Connect capabilities such as Contact Lens, Post Contact Surveys and Step-by-step guides provide ample data for gathering customer and agent data. Joulica makes it easy to transform this data into actionable insights. E.g. Step-by-step guides can be used to gather both contact disposition codes (e.g. the reason for a customer not proceeding with a purchase) and agent feedback (eNPS), with Contact Lens allowing many use cases to be automated.

Turning Data into Insights

This combination of Amazon Connect and Joulica analytics creates a powerful solution that empowers businesses to achieve omnichannel excellence. By leveraging this powerful duo, businesses can:

Proactively Identify and Resolve Issues: Joulica analytics identify potential customer issues in real-time, enabling contact center leaders to take immediate action and prevent negative experiences.

Enhance Agent Performance: By analyzing key metrics such as FCR, CSAT, CES, Sentiment and eNPS, Joulica helps contact centers identify areas for improvement and provide targeted support and training to agents.

Measure and Optimize Campaign Effectiveness: Joulica tracks campaign metrics and integrates additional data such as disposition codes and business outcomes to allow high volume outbound campaigns to be optimized.

Drive Continuous Improvement: The real-time feedback loop provided by Joulica empowers contact centers to continuously refine their processes and strategies, driving continuous improvement and customer experience excellence.

Breaking Down Data Siloes

In today's data-driven environment, businesses are increasingly recognizing the value of integrating external data sources into their analytics frameworks. This allows organizations to gain a holistic understanding of their customers by combining disparate data points from various sources into a single, centralized repository. Joulica makes this straightforward for AWS customers through its support for technologies such as Kinesis and the ability to develop custom connectors. A good way to get started quickly is to use Amazon Connect Contact Flows to gather data from external applications and place the data in Contact Attributes, at which point Joulica can use the data in real-time and historical metric definitions.


In conclusion, Amazon Connect and Joulica analytics offer a powerful solution for businesses to achieve omnichannel excellence. This solution empowers businesses to proactively identify and resolve issues, enhance agent performance, measure and optimize campaign effectiveness, and drive continuous improvement. By leveraging this data-driven approach, businesses can deliver exceptional customer experiences across all channels.

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