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Understanding your customers' journeys is no longer a "nice-to-have"—it's essential for delivering exceptional experiences, optimizing conversions, and fostering long-term loyalty. Joulica's Customer Journey Analytics platform does just that, providing a comprehensive and visually engaging view of how customers interact with your brand across a multitude of channels and data sources.

Realtime Customer Journey Analytics

At the heart of Joulica's platform is its powerful realtime engine. It transforms complex data into journey analytics, visualisations, and KPIs. This allows you to:

  • Spot Trends & Patterns: Quickly identify common paths, drop-off points, and moments of delight in your customer journeys.
  • Pinpoint Friction: Isolate areas where customers encounter obstacles or frustration, enabling you to make targeted improvements.
  • Measure Impact: Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, product launches, and customer service initiatives across the entire journey.

Seamless Integration: Your Data, Unified

Joulica's strength lies in its ability to connect disparate data sources in realtime, creating a holistic view of the customer:

Amazon Connect: Capture insights from phone calls, chats, and social media interactions to understand how customers engage with your support teams. Include Amazon Lex, IVR and Contact Lens Analytics.

Amazon Connect GIF

Zoom Phone: Integrate Zoom Phone data – e.g. when Outbound sales teams use Zoom as their Unified Communications platform.

Enterprise Data: Connect your CRM, ERP, and other internal data systems to enrich customer profiles and gain deeper insights.

Zoom Phone Enterprise Data Combo

Amazon Pinpoint Campaigns: Evaluate the success of Pinpoint campaigns in driving customer engagement and conversions throughout the journey.

Amazon Pinpoint GIF

Digital Interactions: Gather data from websites, mobile apps, and other digital properties to understand online behaviour and preferences.

Digital Interactions GIF

Salesforce Channels: Analyse interactions that occur over channels that are provided by Salesforce Service Cloud, e.g. Email and Chat.

Predictive Analytics: Utilise AI models to predict journey outcomes for individual customer based on previous journey outcomes for your other customers.

Predictive GIF

Empowering Your Teams: Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Joulica doesn't just work in isolation—it seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise applications, empowering your teams with actionable customer insights:

Agent Desktops: Embed Joulica visualizations directly into your agents' desktops, providing them with real-time customer journey context during interactions. This enables personalized service, faster issue resolution, and improved customer satisfaction.

CRM Systems: Synchronize Joulica data with your CRM, enriching customer profiles with journey insights. This allows teams to tailor their approaches based on individual customer preferences and pain points.

Beyond Analysis: Orchestration & Next Best Action

Joulica goes beyond analysis, offering features that enable you to proactively shape customer journeys:

  • Customer Journey Orchestration: Design and automate personalized customer experiences across channels, based on real-time insights from Joulica. This allows you to guide customers towards desired outcomes, whether that's completing a purchase, resolving an issue, or becoming a loyal advocate.
  • Next Best Action: Deliver the right message or offer to the right customer at the right time, based on their individual journey and preferences.


Joulica empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their customer data. By visualizing the customer journey across all touchpoints and seamlessly integrating with your existing tools, you gain the insights needed to create exceptional experiences, drive conversions, and build lasting relationships.

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