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We are delighted to announce our latest capability: Reporting and Analytics for Amazon Connect High Volume Outbound Communications (HVOC) - See Amazon Connect Features | Cloud Contact Center | Amazon Web Services. This new capability from AWS (which is currently in preview mode) provides intelligent and embedded high-volume outbound communications across multiple channels, including voice, SMS, and email. It allows contact centers to communicate with millions of customers daily for use cases such as marketing promotions, appointment reminders, and upcoming delivery notifications. On the telephony side, both predictive and progressive dialing is supported, with powerful AI-based answering machine detection.

Our area of focus included

  • Abandoned Call Rates
  • Connection Rates
  • Campaign performance – e.g., sales metrics
  • Contact Lens integration

These features from Joulica cover the core areas needed to monitor and report on outbound campaigns. Our support for external data integration allows business KPIs to be provided also – e.g., revenue data generated from outbound sales activity. When we unify this with Contact Lens, things get really interesting, as we detail below.


Campaign Performance

The dashboard below is an example we created to show some of the metrics we provide for HVOC. Key metrics include the percentage of calls that connect with a customer, the rate at which connected calls were abandoned, as well as the performance of the answering machine detection algorithm. The Pie chart includes customer location and sales data, to give a breakdown of sales conversions by location for a global sales campaign. 


The above dashboard shows realtime and intraday metrics. Interval metrics are automatically published to Amazon RDS allowing Quicksight to be used for longer-term reporting and analytics.


Unified Analytics with Contact Lens 

The previous example included some data on sales objections: that is the core reasons that customers provided for not proceeding with a purchase of the product or service being offered. These are detected automatically by Contact Lens from the customer-agent conversation. The dashboard below expands on this to provide more detail. Each bar represents a sales campaign, with each element (colour) representing the prevalence of the common reasons provided by the customer for not purchasing. For example, for the campaign at the top, the most common reason is the customer already has a competitor’s product, whereas, for the campaign at the bottom, the most common reason is that the product or service is too expensive. 



This data can also be aggregated at other levels – e.g., product, customer segment and location assuming this data can be integrated into the overall solution.

Armed with this data in realtime, campaigns can be adapted pro-actively. Also, given Contact Lens is capturing the data automatically via AI, agents can focus on their core activity versus having to manually perform tedious data entry tasks. Historical data can be used for broader planning purposes, given the marketing intelligence it provides.



Here, we have detailed just some of the reporting capabilities we now provide for this exciting new feature from Amazon Connect, including some possibilities when other Amazon Connect features such as Contact Lens are brought into the solution. Together, the solution drives high level of efficiencies and insights in addition to the guaranteed superior customer experiences that Amazon Connect delivers. To find out more, get in touch by email at or contact us via and we can arrange a demo.

March 24, 2022 AWS

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