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Fraud detection is a relatively recent extension to the Voice ID feature of Amazon Connect. With this new capability, Voice ID analyses incoming audio and compares them with recordings of known fraudulent actors in your contact center's custom watchlist. The results can be consumed by Joulica and integrated into the suite of realtime and historical analytics that we provide across the Amazon Connect solution.

Here, we summarise the new Joulica capabilities related to Voice ID that this enables, which include.

  1. Fraud incident rates
  2. Biometrics-based authentication success rates
  3. Location-based breakdown, as well as other segmentations.

The capabilities described here complement the more general Amazon Fraud Detector Service which also recently introduced an Event Bridge integration – ideal for an application like Joulica to receive the ML-powered fraud event information.

Realtime and Historical Analytics

Fraud and Biometric Analytics

The example above provides the following information.

  1. Realtime KPIs related to the detection of fraudulent activity.
  2. We use our integration with Quicksight to include a monthly trend of detected fraud incidents.
  3. Realtime KPIs related to Biometric authentication performance, in addition to a daily breakdown.
  4. A breakdown of Fraud incidents by location. Here we are assuming that the location information is stored in a contact attribute.

In addition to the example above, Joulica allows users to unify these analytics with data from across the Enterprise, as well as allowing action to be taken via standard Joulica platform features. Data from sources such as Amazon Event Bridge and Amazon Kinesis can all be combined, with Amazon Fraud Detector providing fraud predictions related to all customer interactions including those on digital channels.

Once the Joulica platform ingests the data, KPIs can be incorporated into real-time dashboards and historical reports alongside all the other KPIs provided by Joulica, with users just needing to design the layouts that best suit their needs.


Realtime analytics related to fraud have never been more important. Powered by Voice ID, we have shown how Joulica surfaces these key insights and allows them to be unified alongside other critical real-time analytics for Amazon Connect. The Amazon Fraud Detector service extends these ML-powered fraud predictions to all digital touchpoints, allowing a single pane of glass for fraud analytics across all customer interaction channels.

As always, to find out more, contact us at or visit to arrange a demo.


December 6, 2023 AWS

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