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In addition to the industry standard KPIs that have been standardized in the contact center industry, we find there is a constant requirement to provide custom KPI definitions – both for realtime monitoring and historical reports. Often, these custom KPIs are based on data sourced from external systems. In this article, we are going to focus on a use case which requires stakeholders to be alerted to active customer calls which are categorised as Emergency calls. Examples of Emergency calls could be :-

  1. Potential fraudulent activity
  2. A customer in need of urgent assistance beyond the capabilities of the agent
  3. A distressed agent

You will see that an Emergency call is just an example, and the capabilities we describe can be easily applied to other use cases where KPIs need to be defined based on a combination of data coming from Amazon Connect and other sources. 

Example sources of data for custom KPIs

For the Emergency call use case, typical sources of data are :-

  1. Contact Lens real time speech analytics (see Use streaming for real-time contact analysis) which provides a real time event stream of categories and sentiment.
  2. Contact Attributes – particularly with the latest feature from Amazon which now provides notifications via Event Bridge Amazon Connect contact events.
  3. Custom data made available to Joulica, e.g., via REST APIs or Lambdas. 

In the case here, we use option 3 since it is the most generic and for example purposes, we assume that a custom agent workspace is used by the agent to provide the indication that assistance is required.

Realtime Notification and Visualisation

Realtime Attributes GIF - Final

To enable action here, we are using the following Joulica capabilities

  1. A custom KPI Billboard (the number of active Emergency calls) with a threshold configured to alert stakeholders.
  2. A list of active Emergency calls in progress - we are able to “tag” ongoing calls with custom data. The table in the above dashboard only shows calls that are “tagged” in this fashion.
  3. SMS/Email alerts via Amazon SNS.

The above capabilities ensure that immediate action can be taken by stakeholders.

Other Examples

Some of the other common uses for custom KPIs relate to: -

  1. Sales and Revenue Data
  2. Disposition Codes
  3. Survey Data
  4. Data from CRM or Case Management platforms
  5. Contact Routing Data – e.g., providing information on individual paths through the Contact Flow.

Realtime and Historical Custom KPIs can be calculated using the above data, with several options (including REST APIs and Kinesis) available to make the data available to Joulica. Once these KPIs are defined, they can be incorporated into realtime dashboards and historical reports alongside all the other KPIs provided by Joulica. Users simply design the layouts that best suit their needs.


Here, we have shown how Joulica provides custom KPIs for a wide variety of use cases. In cases where real time insights require immediate attention, we provide notification and visualisation capabilities that ensure key stakeholders can take action immediately. With the ever growing number of customer interaction channels coupled with the increasing need for organisations to deliver differentiated customer experiences, utilising KPIs that are customised to an organisations specific objectives is becoming much more common. 

As always, to find out more, contact us at or visit to arrange a demo.

November 10, 2023 AWS

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